Kilchuimen Academy

Kilchuimen Academy is a small S1 – S6 secondary school, the senior part of the 3-18 Kilchuimen campus, which delivers a wide formal curriculum and encourages wider achievement outside of the classroom.

In Kilchuimen Academy our vision is:

  • To create an ethos in which hard work is valued and possible, and where self-respect and respect for others are evident.
  • To promote personal achievement and encourage individuals to reach their potential.
  • To ensure that courses are relevant to the needs of pupils and take account of current developments in education and society.
  • To promote self-evaluation so that existing skills are enhanced and new skills developed.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.
  • To develop self-esteem and confidence through the involvement of young people in decision making.
  • To ensure equality of opportunity and provision for all pupils, and so promote positive attitudes towards fairness.
  • To develop awareness of real-life issues and economic development.
  • To establish a spirit of partnership through working in collaboration with parents, other education providers and the local community.